Manuel Ponce

Mexican composer Manuel Maria Ponce was born in 1882 in Fresnillo and died in Mexico City in 1948. He studied in Italy and Germany and upon returning to Mexico, he taught at the National Conservatory. During WWI Ponce lived in New York City and Havana, and then went to Paris for additional study with Paul Dukas. In 1941 he toured South America and was recognized as the first Mexican composer of the 20th Century to employ an identifiably modern musical language. Ponce’s place in the history of Mexican music is a very important one and the Concert Hall at Instituto de Bellas Artes, Mexico City is named after him.

Manuel Ponce — Estrellita (Little Star)

Manuel Ponce was one of the most prominent 20th Century Mexican composers, drawing from authentic Latin music in his compositions. Often mistaken for a folk song, Estrellita is a brief Mexican serenade which became a universal favorite after its initial 1914 publication. Arranged by Adam Lesnick.

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For Woodwind Quintet, 3 minutes.
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