Jacques Halèvy

Jacques Halévy (1799-1862) was one of the great early composers of French grand opera. A student of Cherubini and later a teacher at the Conservatoire of Bizet and Gounod, Halévy is most known for his five act opera written in 1835, La Juive, set against the backdrop of the Council of Constance in the early 15th century.

Jacques Halèvy — “Lorsqu’a toi je me suis donnee” from La Juive (The Jewess)

The heroic soprano/tenor duet from one of the great 19th century French grand operas by French-Jewish composer Halèvy. This stirring transcription for quintet explores a wide range of emotions and ends with an incredible climax. Arranged by Edward Benyas.

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For Woodwind Quintet, 6-7 minutes.
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