Warren Wernick

Warren Wernick (born 1962) was a scholarship student at the Juilliard School of Music, where he was awarded Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Trumpet Performance. Mr. Wernick studied composition with Michael Czajkowski at the Aspen School of Music. He has written numerous works involving winds and brass and several of his compositions have been performed at Juilliard’s Alice Tully Hall, the Aspen Music Festival and the New York Academy of Sciences.

Warren Wernick — Trio No. 1

A three movement episodic and humorous work that presents a welcome change for trios that are tired of playing Reinecke. “A skillfully written work that recalls the subtle humor of Peter Schickele as P.D.Q. Bach, the intensity of Shostakovich and the bright, graceful melodies of Poulenc.” The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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For Oboe, Horn and Piano, 21 minutes.
MC-9575 . . . $20.00

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