Allan Blank

Allan Blank was born in New York in 1925. His early musical training was on the violin and he attended the High School of Music and Art where an interest in conducting and composition were fostered. Further studies were at the Juilliard School of Music (1945-1947), Washington Square College (BA, 1948), University of Minnesota (MA, 1950) and the University of Iowa. He was a violinist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (1950-1952) and has taught at a number of schools. Mr. Blank is a Professor Emeritus at Virginia Commonwealth University where he taught from 1978-1996. He has over 70 published works with a variety of publishers and a number of recorded works listed in Schwann. He is also listed in the New Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Allan Blank — A Melodic Tour for Two Clarinets

Composer Allan Blank’s international collection of duos are perfect duet selections for professionals and students. 19 selections including American, Asian, Caribbean, English, French, Greek, Irish, Italian, Jewish and Welsh folk music.

Suited for:


For Clarinet Duo, 24 minutes.
CL2-9802 . . . $19.00

Allan Blank — Four Poems by Emily Dickinson

Four contemporary settings of Dickinson’s poetry (How Happy Is The Little Stone, In This Short Life, Surgeons Must Be Very Careful, and Nature Is What We See). An unusual recital piece advanced student and professional players.

Suited for:


For Soprano, Flute, and Clarinet in A, 12 minutes.
WW2-9810 . . . $25.00

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