Ali Osman

Sudanese composer Ali Osman has been a resident of Egypt since 1978. He started his musical education at the Cairo Conservatoire secondary school. Graduating with distinction in 1986, he studied composition with professor Gamal Abdel-Rahim and considered himself one of his disciples. He continued his post-graduate studies with professor Awatif Abdel-Karim, who was also his supervisor for his research titled “Rhythmic Patterns in East and West Sudan and Their Role in Distinguishing the Music of These Regions.” He was granted his M.A. in 1990. Some of his works were performed in Cairo at the Opera House, American University, and the cultural centers, and abroad in Germany, Austria, and England. In July 2000, he was granted a four month scholarship as composer in residence by Prohelvetia in Switzerland.

Ali Osman — el-Maqamas el-Masri (Modes of Egypt)

Born in Sudan, Cairo Conservatory Professor Ali Osman composed this unique piece for solo harpsichord based on Arabic modes (maqamat) in 16/4 and 16/8 meters. An exotic and memorable contribution to the harpsichord repertoire.

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For Harpsichord, 5 minutes.
PN-1070 . . . $20.00

Ali Osman — el-Mohager

Born in Sudan and currently teaching at the Cairo Conservatory, Osmanjuxtaposes complex modal contrapuntal lines in Arabic maqam over a very simple 14/4 meter ostinato in the riqq (tambourine). A unique recital piece.

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For Flute/Oboe/Tambourine(Riqq), 7 minutes.
WW2-0740 . . . $32.00

Ali Osman — Ma-Wal Masry (Egyptian Ma-Wal)

Sudanese composer Ali Osman Alhaj, professor at Egypt’s Cairo Conservatory, has composed this interesting and challenging piece in 10/8 meter based on the Egyptian ma-wal song form. Includes notated cadenza-improvisation sections (taqasim) and several quarter-tones (sikha) commonly found in Arabic music.

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For Clarinet and Piano, 7-8 minutes.
CL-0178 . . . $28.00

Ali Osman — Taqasim (Improvisations)

Sudanese composer Osman’s unusual one-movement work for bassoon and piano based on the Arabic modes (maqamat) and meters (14/4 and 10/4) of Sudanese and Egyptian traditional music. Includes a written cadenza with several quarter-tone sikhas (suggested fingerings included).

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For Bassoon/Piano, 7 minutes.
BSN-0744 . . . $30.00

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